Hot Button Topics – Siblings and Mental Illness

When you have a brother or sister with a mental illness there are several, what I call, Hot Topic items. They range from spousal issues to violence to hospital visitations. These are the most private thoughts that we, siblings, experience due to the roller-coaster ride we go through when our brother or sister lives with [...]

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Sneak Peak: A Little Brother’s Journey

Conflicts with parents can make sibling relationships stronger. “When your parents, who are the anchors you’re counting on the most, are falling down on the job, siblings look to each other and find ways to pull together, because the last thing you can afford to see fractured at that point is the unit among yourselves.” [...]

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Let’s take a moment to talk about the date that comes around every year like clockwork.  A date you cannot hide from.  You can’t bury it like other aspects of grief because no matter what the date will appear each year. Every year on April 11th, is the angelversary of the day my brother was [...]

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Sibling Loss

When your sibling dies, you lose a part of your past, present, and future. – compassionate friends My mother said that I became I second mommy at the ripe age of 4, which was the moment my brother was placed in my arms.   As his grew, naturally he had to follow my rules.  I was [...]

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